How It Works

If you need to liquidate the majority of the items in an estate, then an in home estate tag sale is very effective way to move a lot of items and realize maximum proceeds for your estate. It can be done and behind you very quickly with no cost out of pocket!

Once you’ve decided to have a tag sale, it is better not to sell out or donate items individually. The higher the overall value of the estate, the lower our rates are and makes for a more successful sale overall. We have experience selling complete estates and have buyers for the fine jewelry, coins, precious metals and vehicles. When you decide to have a sale, we take special care and attention to every detail to make your sale a success. 

Please, Please, Please! DO NOT throw anything away. We have all heard that one mans trash, is another’s treasure and this is absolutely true.


  • It usually takes 7-14 business days from start to finish, depending on the sale.


  • Typically takes 2-10 days depending on the size of the estate.
  • We bring in tables, arrange the items for sale, tag and price the items.


  • There is only one entry/exit point - which is where the cashier is stationed.
  • We have 3-6 employees during the actual sale.
  • Higher value items are brought to the front room where they can be watched. Smaller items are put in a case.
  • Payment is only accepted in the form of cash and credit cards via Square.


  • We put detailed written ads with photos on (which links with our own website), Facebook and Craigslist
  • sends out approx. 6,000 emails to Denver subscribers. We send out 500+ emails out to our loyal customers.
  • Local signage during the sale.


  • The sale will usually run 2-4 days.

after the sale

  • Clean out is typically done the Monday or Tuesday following the sale
  • The items that remain after the sale are still yours to look through and keep whatever you want. Items that are still sellable are typically donated to charity.
  • We do not haul trash or dispose of chemicals.
  • Payment & settlement sheet are provided within 5 business days after the tag sale.

Why you should choose Stellar Estates

  • We are a  family run small business, we care for your items as much as we would care for our own.
  • There is no cost out of pocket for you
  • We have a large local following of loyal customers
  • Proven reputation - references are available upon request
  • We are very friendly, honest and professional and we do our best to retain our customers.
  • We have 20+ combined years of experience in pricing antiques & collectibles as well as pricing your regular household goods for the market. We have been doing estate sales since 2008. Previous to that we attended sales and sold items on eBay (since 2005).
  • We are commission based, the better we do for you the better we do for us
  • The house will be empty when we are done
  • Not all estate companies are created equal. Some companies may offer lower rates, but they do not have the same experience or following as Stellar Estates. We have proven successful sales.
  • There are no added charges for set up or clean out.

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